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ART YARD is an independent record label and music publishing company based in London, UK. Established in 2004 and formed to bring some of Sun Ra’s lesser know works to the new generation of listeners.

Sun Ra (1914-1993) is arguably one of the most influential and important of all 20th century composers.  A sonic explorer in the revolutionary ‘Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow’, the new forms of music, and a ground-breaking bandleader of immense and extraordinary vision.

Sun Ra, the cornerstone of experimental jazz whose mythology explored an intergalactic narrative that navigated between Ancient Egypt and outer space.

His performances incorporated everything from 1930’s big band swing to experimental funk and synthesizer pieces, with a large ensemble of musicians and dancers. He was also a master pianist, who’s published output exceeded 180 albums, he recorded for many of the American and European jazz labels and toured extensively with his various ensembles between 1956 and 1993. He also did cover versions of Walt Disney tunes, recorded a couple of sides for a toy company, as well making films and documentaries about his philosophy and vision.

Sun Ra’s music is associated with his musical navigation toward free jazz and his poetry toward cosmology and egyptology. Sun Ra worked within the traditional established African American expressive traditions. He had a distinct compositional style and language, elements of the blues, ragtime, and spirituals crossed-over with experimental electronic instruments, rhythm machines – invented instruments and re-combined in a fusion to present new musical dimensions, he was a ‘cosmic guide’ through black musical traditions, A 21st Century Tonal Guide To Times Tomorrow.

Sun Ra  extraordinary work and time on this planet has yet to be fully appreciated. In this manner we honour and perpetuate the Sun Ra legacy.

The Art Yard “Sun Ra El Saturn” release series is sanctioned by Sun Ra LLC, Enterplanetary Koncepts representing the heirs and successors of Herman Poole Blount, legal name Le Sony’r Ra AKA Sun Ra, and also by Marshall Allen Director of The Sun Ra Alter Destiny 21st century Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra.

Contact: Peter Dennett
Art Yard Ltd and Art Yard Music Publishing.
303 The Pill Box,
115 Coventry Road,
London E2 6GG
Company No. 05046410

Below is a list of distributers and mailorders that we work with.

Omniverse Sun Ra is Distributed

by  Central Books in the UK.

by : Forced Exposure in the United States

by Rush Hour in the Netherlands

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by Japan Blues in the United Kingdom/ email:

by Rush Hour in the Netherlands

by : Forced Exposure in the United States

CD Distribution

United Kingdom and United States: RER-Mega-Corp /

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