Berliner Ring – Orbital

Berliner Ring Orbital



This is the first contemporary release on the Art Yard imprint; these tracks where created with an amalgamation of elements, electro mechanical devices, invented instruments, modified keyboards and delays, self-constructed percussion rhythm machines and string devices.

This ‘half man, half machine’ cross-over consists of arrangements with electromechanical drums, loops, samples, 12 string guitar, timpani’s, heckeshorn, metallophone, This is a visit to the Electro Mechanical sub-underground.

The Crew consists of

Thomas Stern: recording, mixing, additional effects.

Christian F. Günther: self constructed electromechanical instruments, rhythm machine,

Moritz Wolpert: percussion, timpani’s, and electromechanical drums.

Alexander Christou: samples, loops, 12-string guitar,

Berliner Ring – Orbital has a combination of Themes and Moods from the Berlin landscape, with detours, playgrounds and off ramps. This release explores outside the conventional musical circuit. The Engine Room interaction of the triggered electromechanical instruments perform with dramatic, theatrical and complex supernatural initiative.

The pieces released on this disk present a brew of forms and techniques. The tracks create a geographical reference or representation, ‘a tonal landscape’, an Orbital echogram from the inner workings of the Berliner Ring machine. These tracks are ambient instrumental stereologues, inhabited by abstract rhythm creatures. This is an ‘off centre’ Berliner Ring – Orbital soundmap, a transmission from a weird musical dimension, an alternative brew of sonic revolution from East Berlin. What the London orbital is to the English capital The Berliner ring is to Berlin – a circular highway surrounding the great city.

Berliner Ring is a project consisting four individuals: call them artists, musicians, and inventors. Moritz Wolpert: drummer and painter lately has focused on developing a new music instrument -the heckeshorn – a hybrid of automatic slide guitar, mechanically triggered polychord and rhythm machine. Christian Günther, the one who mostly earns the description as an inventor, throughout the years he developed several species of analogue synthesizers, rythemboxes, thermins, painting machines – all in his very specific rusty World War 1 look. So he provided a bunch of genuine machines to the Berliner Ring. Alexander Christou who blends different sides of contemporary music, as electronic grooves, songs, traditionals and different music styles.Thomas Stern, bass player, osmotic dubbler. Doctorate in Distillery, enfleurager, morphosing elixing smoke rings, orbiting Berliner Ring and a great mix and remixer with a weird ear perfectly rounds up the Berliner ring crew

Art Yards offer for a release triggered a serial of recording session (2006/2008), which led to the first album – ‘Orbital’ – an odyssey throughthe continents and subcontinents. dark layers, spiral stairways, four divine comedians winding their way through a gas-powered universe.

Alexander Christou AKA : Al Chem’s most significant release is a cover version of ras Michaels 60s Reggae song no hopper (touchtones 2-tummytouch rec/coming home compilation- Stereo deluxe rec / alta moda 4 compilation – Italy) a track where one can hear the very unique blend of psychedelic vocals and heavy electronic groove.



1: Beteigeuze / Keyboards – Leon Dane -5.02

2: El Amarna -8.05

3: Heckeshorn – 2.44

4: Bardo / Cello – Anna Mandel – 4.42

5: Good Evening – 3.29

6: Quelle – 3.14

7: Unidentified Airport – 2.27

8: The Essex – 3.14

9: Theme – 3.16

Distributed by ReR Mega Corp: ReR-Mega-Corp,



Distributed by Meakusma,


A1 – El Amarna -8.05

A2 – Unidentified Airport -2.27

B1 – Bardo – 4.42

B2 – Good Evening -3.29

B3 – The Essex – 3.14

All compositions and arrangements by Berliner Ring. Published by Art Yard Music Publishing.
All Tracks Licensed to meakusma Records by Art Yard Limited 2017.
P&© by Art Yard Ltd and Art Yard Music Publishing 2017.
All rights reserved © 2017 Art Yard ltd.
Pictures of the Heckeshorn by Kerstin Groh
Mandalamat´s by Christian F. Günther