Sun Ra – The Lost Ark Series Vol 1 & 2

The Lost Ark Series Vol 1 & 2 / double 10inch vinyl – Release date – 12th September 12017.

Hidden fire from the Ra archives! A double 10” set featuring unreleased and rare Sun Ra recordings from the outer limits and the underground. Volume 1 features ‘Along Came Ra’, a previously unissued live track recorded in Paris in 1983. With June Tyson in full voice, the Arkestra announce Sun Ra’s arrival on a sleeping planet. The flip features two previously unreleased cuts from the legendary Disco 3000 concert tapes, a mind-blowing quartet session that releases the full power of Sun Ra’s Crumar Mainman synth. Volume 2 lifts three fine selections from the ultra-deep Sub-Underground series of Saturn LPs. The transcendent ballad ‘Love Is For Always’ and the driving, rootsy ‘The World of Africa’ come from 1974’s Live at Temple U; while the myth-science poetics of ‘Space is The Place/We Roam The Cosmos’ is beamed down to earth from the 1975 What’s New set.

The Lost Arkestra Series Vol 1
Side A:
1:Along Came Ra
Sun Ra – piano, keyboard, vocals.
Marshall Allen – kora, flute, alto sax, percussion.
John Gilmore – tenor sax, clarinet, timb, vocals.
Eloe Omoe – contra-alto clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, percussion.
Danny Ray Thompson – baritone sax,flute, percussion.
James Jacson – bassoon, Infinity-drums, flute.
Ronnie Brown – trumpet, flugelhorn.
Kwame Hadi – trumpet.
Tyrone Hill – trombone.
James Glass – electric guitar.
Rollo Radford – electric bass.
Clifford Jarvis- drums.
Marvin “Boogaloo” Smith – drums / poss. Chris Henderson – drums.
Atakatune – conga.
June Tyson – vocals.
Paris, France, 3rd November 1983.

Side B:
1:  The Sky  Is a Sea  of Darkness  When  There  Is No  Sun To  Light  The Way
2:  We Travel  The  Spaceways
Sun Ra – Piano, Organ, Synthesizer [Moog Synth] Vocals.
John Gilmore – Tenor Saxophone, Drums, Vocals.
Luqman Ali- Drums, Vocals.
Michael Ray Trumpet, Vocals.

The Lost Arkestra Series Vol 2
Side A:
1: Love is for Always
Live recordings Temple University, Philadelphia September 20th 1974. Originally released on Sub Underground El Saturn LP-92 074
2: The World of Africa
Sun Ra – piano, rocksichord, Hohner clavinet.
Marshall Allen – percussion, vocal.
John Gilmore – tenor sax, percussion, vocal.
Eloe Omoe – bass clarinet.
Danny Ray Thompson – bongos.
Thomas Hunter – drums.
Atakatune – conga.
Akh Tal Ebah – vocal.
Eddie Thomas – vocal.
Temple University, Philadelphia, probably 20 September 1974
Side B:
1: Space  is  the  Place,   We  Roam  the  Cosmos
Declamation – Sun Ra
Bass – Ronnie Boykins
Congas – Atakatune
Drums – Unknown Artist
Trombone – Unknown Artist
Vocals – Akh Tal Ebah, Cheryl Banks, Judith Holton, June Tyson
Live recording possibly May 23rd 1975 unknown venue. Originally released on Sub Underground El Saturn LP-ES752

Compositions and Arrangements by Sun Ra.
P&©Art Yard Ltd and Enterplanetary Koncepts.
Produced for Art Yard by Peter Dennett, Artwork by Victoria Topping.
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works.
Printed and manufactured in the EU. All rights reserved © 2017 Art Yard Ltd & Sun Ra LLC.

Special thanks to Sun Ra, John Gilmore, June Tyson, Charles Davis, Marshall Allen, Pat Patrick, Michael Ray, Danny Ray Thompson, Knoel Scott, Elson Nascimento and The Sun Ra Alter Destiny 21st Century Epic Myth Science Cosmic Dream Arkestra band members, Thomas Jenkins Jr (Managing Director, Sun Ra LLC), Michael D. Anderson (Sun Ra Music Archives), Irwin Chusid (administrator, Sun Ra LLC),  Quinton Scott, John Corbett, Paul Griffiths, Chris Trent, Hartmut Geerken, Cornelia Mueller, Val Wilmer, Francis Gooding, Siofra McComb, Edwin Pouncey, Jill Tipping, John Sinclair and Antal Heitlager at Rush Hour.

Sleeve design by Victoria Topping {}

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AL CHEM – Weird Fiction

AL CHEM – weird fiction

In 2009, the label sent a probe into the outer regions of contemporary electronic music, releasing Berliner Ring’s “Orbital” album, a dub techno hymnal for Berlin’s orbital ring road. Drawing together the disparate elements of invented instruments, modified keyboards, customized rhythm and string machines, it was built around moods and themes drawn from the Berlin landscape.

One member of the Ring, Alexander Christou, also a part of the Berlin electro rock group Elecdrones, recording for Katzensonne. The band were “not interested in the crafting of chunks of music ready to be consumed”. Christou has since been recording under the moniker Al Chem, crossing analogue and digital realms, synthesizing a kind of philosopher’s stone. As Al Chem, he released on Tummy Touch Records, and now follows with a collection of foggy electronic dub meditations in a full album.

In the battle to harness the elements, ancient mists permeated Chem’s music. A murky, mercurial humidity saturates the project. A distinctly north European descendant of dub, a kind of Seventh Seal that Bergman could have made, if provided enough hydroponic infusions.

No Hopper is a rework of the Ras Michael song No Hoppers, from his legendary album, Rastafari Dub, Chem’s version shuffles the pack of electronic percussion with organic, Moondog-like rhythms and hazy atmospheric chords; The Prophet pinpoints Chem’s GPS firmly in Berlin, just as The Red Tower blurs that kick-drum parallel between reggae and house music; Baudelaire sputters digital delay, piling on the pressure, a clatter of surgical implements performing an operation out of Dead Ringers, the patient storming out of the theatre with loosely fitted mechanical body parts; the instrumental No Hopper only serves to highlight the distant gathering storm. Ladder of Perfection rounds off the set with a drone, creaking with bubbling digital mud pools.

AL Chem – weird fiction – Digital download

ArtYardLP2017 -Limited vinyl pressing 500 numbered 180gram tip-on sleeve.

Side A:
1. No Hopper
2. Prophet
3. The Red Tower

Side B:
1. Baudelaire
2. No Hopper Inst
3. Ladder of Perfection

No Hopper written and produced by Alexander Christou with lyrics by Ras Michael.
Published by Art Yard Music Publishing and Jack Russell Music.
All other tracks written and produced by Alexander Christou
P&©Art Yard Ltd and Art Yard Music Publishing.
Illustrations by Veronika Pražanová.
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works.
Printed and manufactured in the EU. All rights reserved © 2017 Art Yard Ltd.

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